FleetWatcher Integration

OnStation is integrated with FleetWatcher, a top e-ticketing software.


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Software Integration

Main Features Within OnStation

Station, alignment, and offset of loads are automatically entered on e-tickets.

Integration Overview

When a FleetWatcher-equipped truck enters a job site geozone, the vehicle's Lat/Long is sent to OnStation. After verifying that it is part of the project, OnStation will return the station, alignment, and offset where the load is deposited. This then becomes a part of the e-ticket, which flows normally through to the DOT and construction crew personnel. The stationing information about each load is maintained in FleetWatcher indefinitely for future use.


You must have an OnStation Management or Data package to access this integration.  You must also have FleetWatcher Equipment installed in the truck and the paver to generate the Lat/Long coordinates. The project you are working on must be stationed in the OnStation app.  To see more about OnStation Licensing Package options click here

Shared Data

FleetWatcher sends a Lat/Long coordinate to OnStation. If the coordinate matches a project alignment, the OnStation system enters the station, alignment, and offset onto the e-ticket. OnStation also creates a dump record of the e-ticket in the OnStation Data Portal.  To learn more about where this is viewable within the OnStation Portal See Article: Viewing Material Dumps 


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