HeavyJob Integration

OnStation is in the process of integrating with HeavyJob.


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Software Integration

Main Features Within OnStation

This integration strengthens OnStation's data management capabilities.

Integration Overview

OnStation's unique way to capture project communication and data has the potential to replace the tedious task of forms and daily diary entries. Flag & Chat and Camera Notes data are connected to HCSS HeavyJob, entering that data directly into users' daily diary forms. 


An OnStation Teams Package or higher is required for this integration and access to the OnStation Data Portal. This includes:

  • Teams Package
  • Office Package
  • District Package
  • Region Package

The purchase of HCSS products is also required for this integration.

Shared Data

Flag & Chat data from OnStation connects to the HeavyJob software, entering all activity into the user's daily diary form. Camera Notes from OnStation are uploaded into the HeavyJob software as well. This data includes the station, date, time, project, and user/geo-location metadata.


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